Hand Car Wash & Wax

Spray the car with a safe to use chemical - If the car is cool to the touch, then we spray on TFR to break down any stubborn bits of dirt. If the car is warm or hot then we spray on something less powerful so as to avoid damaging the car.

Hand car wash - We clean your 
car with clean water and with triple wax shampoo. Getting a hand car wash means that we won't miss anything and also that we can apply the soap all around the vehicle for a better finish afterwards.

Cleaning the tyres - Using Autoglym wheel cleaner for a safe way of cleaning the tyres with a neutral PHnon acidic cleaning agent. If necessary we will add something a little bit stronger but this is usually not required.

Apply aqua wax rinse aid - This is a great added extra for your vehicle. We apply the aqua wax before drying to give you an extra coating of wax, free of charge. 

Drying the car - First with a clean chamois, we dry the whole car, then using a micro fibre cloth to remove all of the water to prevent watermarks and to prepare it for applying the wax.

Application of High-Quality Wax
 - We apply a coating of Meguiars ultimate paste wax. Not only is this safe to use in all weathers, the wax itself is of premium quality giving your car a long-lasting layer of protection and brilliant shine.

Small Car

Medium Car

Large Car