Car Paint Protection

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Paint Protection
Professionally Applied, Cheaper Than The Dealership
Protect what is likely to be your second most valuable asset with us today. Professionally applied and we won't rip you off like the dealerships do.

Paint sealant is a great way to protect what is likely your second most expensive asset.  When you go to a dealership they will usually offer you this option. do not accept it.

The unfortunate truth is that the paint sealant will be applied by untrained staff who have not prepared it correctly beforehand, leaving the look of your vehicle impaired. They will also promise that their supagard product lasts up to 3 years...Not true! 9 months at the very best.

We apply

  • Ceramic/Nano Coatings - Lasting 2 years and over
  • Ceramic sealant lasting up to 1 year
  • Meguiars Paint Protection - Lasting at least 6 months

Always Use A Professional Car Detailer

Applying paint protection is a skilled service and is not simply a case of throwing the product on, leaving it for a few minutes and wiping it off. For example, the car needs to be fully prepared before anything is put onto the paintwork and all other waxes and sealants need to be stripped off to give the paint protection it's lasting effect.

All contaminants such as tar, fallout, tree sap as well as hidden contaminants (metal particles, etc) will need to be removed before we apply the paint protection. Basically, your car needs to be a blank canvas before any work begins. You can't paint over an old painting on an old canvas because it will look messy and the look of it will be completely ruined...The same goes for your car!

There is also a technique of applying ceramic coatings which must be adhered to otherwise it will not bond properly and the protection will be useless. All of the above is the reason you should always use a car detailer or car valeter when having paint protection applied.
Meguiars Paint Protection Sealant
Meguiars are a well known and reputable car care company. We chose to use their sealant mainly because it is safe to use in all weathers and, it lasts longer than the rest of the non-ceramic sealants.

This sealant is a great option because it is not too expensive and it can last up to one year, giving your vehicle that much-needed protection against the elements and hidden contaminants which could otherwise damage your pride and joy.

The pricing for application is £50 but the final price is dependant on vehicle condition and size. For example, a dirty land rover will take a lot longer to prepare than a clean mini cooper.

We do our best to keep the cost to you to a minimum. Give us a call for a quote before any work is carried out. You can also email us some pictures with information about your vehicle for a quote.


Ceramic Car Protection Sealants
Ceramic coatings are the best way to protect your vehicles paintwork while not having to hide it with wraps and films. It provides a semi-permanent layer on top of your vehicle which protects the paintwork from UV rays, chemical stains and etchings as well as many other potential hazards to your car.

It makes the maintenance of your vehicle far easier and safer as mud and grime will have a hard time finding its way onto the paintwork (thanks to its ultra hydrophobic qualities.

Your paintwork will also have an enhanced gloss on a semi-permanent basis all year round. Please note, however, that ceramic coatings do not protect from deep scratches or stone chips. Only paint protection film will manage this effectively.

Ceramic coatings are the ultimate paint protection as they will protect your car effectively against common problems such as bird droppings, bugs, swirl resistance, tar resistance and fallout resistance which last for years, not months. 

We provide two types of ceramic coatings:

  • Nano-Hybrid Spray Sealant lasting a minimum of 12 months and up to 2 years
  • Ceramic coating lasting at least 2 years and lasting up to 6 years


From £130