Coffee & Tea Stain And Odour Removal
North West - Liverpool, Manchester, Cheshire, Warrington, Wigan, Southport, Runcorn

Probably the most common type of stain found in cars and other vehicles such as buses, coaches and other commercial vehicles is coffee stains.
It is not hard to understand since there is nothing better to keep you company on a long trip than a coffee, however, when accidents happen, coffee stains can be very hard to move.

When you accidentally spill coffee in a vehicle, it will leave a nasty odour behind even if you manage to superficially clean the surface. We get to the root of the odour and remove every ounce of volume of coffee from your vehicle so that the smell doesn't come back.

We use speciality products to break down the coffee/tea stain and then steam clean it in order to kill the bacteria left behind. So whether the spillage was on the carpets, leather, dashboard or anywhere else, you can be sure that we can remove the stain and odour that was left behind. 

3 Step Process

We use a 3 step process for our coffee stain and odour removal service and have broken it down so that you can understand it yourself.


Coffee/Tea Stain Removal

Vomit odour Removal

We have a look at the contamination in order to accurately remove the entire surface of the problem, getting to the core of the coffee. Without this process, we would never be able to remove the odour.
Once we have established where the coffee was spilled exactly and how far deep it has gone into the car fabrics, we can then begin to clean the vomit. We use specialised cleaning products to break down and fully remove coffee stains and odour.
Once we have removed the coffee stain fully, we can then either fog bomb the vehicle or spray it depending on your budget. The spray is less efferctive and will take longer for the odour to go but it will eventally.