Full Valet

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Interior Services Included With Full Valet

Rubbish Removed

Interior fully vacuumed

All carpet upholstery fully shampoo cleaned

Leather cleaned and restored

Plastics, dash, air vents etc cleaned

All glass cleaned & polished

Headlining Cleaned

* If you require additional Interior services (such as odour removal or protection) please scroll to the bottom for a full list and prices of our additional services.
Exterior Services Included With The Full Valet

Pre wash applied and pressure washed

Hand car Washed with wash & wax

Aquawax Rinse Aid applied for shine & protection

Vehicle Fully Dried

Wheels cleaned with Powerful brake dust cleaner

Door sills & boot jambs cleaned

Tar spots & bugs removed

* For additional exterior services (such as paint protection, polish & wax ETC) scroll down for a full list of additional services & pricing.

Before & After Of The Full Valet Service

  1. Before
    Over time, your vehicles upholstery will accumulate dirt, grime and most alarmingly, bacteria. This can make your upholstery not only look terrible, but is also unhygienic and uncomfortable to sit on.
  2. After
    A full carpet shampoo clean can remove all the bacteria and filth from your vehicle bringing it back to almost new condition once again. This greatly increases the resale value of your vehicle but also keeps it hygienic for the whole family.
  3. Before
    The back of this vehicle was also heavily stained and had to be fully sanitized top to bottom.
  4. After
    All stains have been removed and the upholstery has been restored to its former glory. When you can't afford to simply buy a new car, why not bring your current one back to it's best.
  5. Car Washed, dried & Waxed
    Car Washed, dried & Waxed
    Vehicle is fully washed, tar spots removed and then dried. We then add a quality wax to the exterior to protect and bring out the cars fantastic paintwork.
  6. Before
    The wheels on your vehicle will become caked in brake dust and fallout over time. Especially in the winter or if you spend a lot of time on the motorway. This can not only ruin your cars image but can also do permanent damage to the wheels over time if left on.
  7. After
    We pre-spray your wheels with safe to use wheel cleaner (either alloy wheel cleaner or a generic brand). We then jet-wash the brake dust off and hand wash the wheels to remove any other contaminants.
  8. Boot included
    Boot included
    Vehicles boot is also vacuumed, cleaned and carpet cleaned to restore it. Please be aware that if there is a lot of stuff in the boot, we will not be able to do it. We will be more than happy to help you remove it but cannot be responsible for storing what comes out of it.
  9. Before
    This car's owner was carrying a passenger who had too many to drink one night! We knew just what to do to get rid of the mess and make sure that the smell did not come back.
  10. After
    We clean biological contaminant such as vomit, urine and feces. Make sure that you don't let it sit for too long as it can be even harder to remove the smell. We use specialty products to ensure an efficient service no matter what the job.


Small Car - £45
Medium car - £55
Large car - £60
Small cars include

- Smart cars
 - Minis
- Coupe's
- other 2 seated vehicles
Medium cars include

- 5 seater cars
 - Hatchbacks
- Saloons
- others of similar size
Large cars include

- 4x4's
 - 7 seated vehicles
- Mobility vehicles
- others of similar size

Additional services

Clay bar treatment - £30

Carpet & Seat Protection - £25

  • Remove the hidden contaminants damaging your car
  • Makes your vehicle look & feel better
  • Prevents light scratches from occuring over time
  • Wax always applied after treatment
  • Protects from accidental spillages ruining carpet/leather
  • Makes carpets water-proof and easy to clean
  • Prevents soaking, swelling and rotting on your fabric
  • Long-lasting effect - up to 3 years

Polish and wax - £25

Leather Guard - £25

  • added layers of protection
  • Can reduce light swirl marks ( machine polishing is best)
  • Fantastic shine for your vehicle, adding resale value
  • Can reduce visibility of light scratches (some can be removed)
  • Protection against abrasion
  • Protection against dye transfer
  • Protection against UV rays
  • Keep your leather in great condition 

Paint Protection - £50

Dashboard Protection - £20

  • Professionally applied protection
  • Weather repellent technology
  • Disguises swirl marks and light scratches
  • Leaves a glossy showroom finish
  • Long lasting protection
  • The UK's leading paint protection company
  • Protects from abrasions (tears)
  • Protection from dirt and UV rays
  • Applied to dashboard, plastics and rubberised finishes
  • Does not affect the natural finish of dashboard
  • Does not affect the gloss of your cars trim

Biohazard Cleaning & Accidental Spillage

Car Odour Removal

  • Pet Odour Removal
  • Urine Odour Removal
  • Sick Odour Removal
  • Cigarette Smoke (Tobacco) Odour Removal
  • Mould Odour Removal
  • Milk Odour Removal
  • General Bad smells Removed
  • Accidental Spillages Of All Kinds
  • Blood Stain Removal
  • Mould Removal & Cleaning
  • Milk Stain Removal & Cleaning
  • Coffee Stain Removal & Cleaning
  • Urine Stain Removal​
  • Faeces Stain Removal