Safe Hand Car Wash - Warrington

Pre-wash The Vehicle - Unlike the majority of hand car washes, we don't use TFR which removes any wax or protective layer you may have on the paintwork. We use professional products which target the dirt and grime ONLY.

Safe hand car wash - We clean your 
car with clean water and premium car wash & wax. Getting a safe hand car wash means that we won't use old rags or sponges on your paintwork and fresh water is used after every wash.

Cleaning the tyres - Using the latest technology in wheel cleaning for a safe and effective way of cleaning the tyres with a neutral PHnon acidic cleaning agent. Our wheel cleaning products and methods targets brake dust without risking your alloys.

Apply aqua wax rinse aid - This is a great added extra for your vehicle. We apply the aqua wax before drying to give you an extra coating of wax, free of charge. It also makes the drying process a lot safer by removing the water which may contain dirt in without the need for drying 

Drying the car - We use clean microfiber towels to remove any excess water left over. This is far safer than using a chamois as they carry dirt and grit a lot more easily.

* We never use squeegees, TFR, old cloths or chamois. We take every precaution to ensure that you get a scratch and swirl-free finish every time.


From £10


Car Wax - £15

Polish & Wax - £30

  • Meguiars ultimate paste wax
  • Leaves car looking its best
  • Hydrophobic wax
  • Long lasting protection
  • Safe to apply in all weathers

  • Car fully polished to restore
  • Paintwork is brought back to life
  • Meguiars ultimate paste wax applied
  • ​Long lasting protection

Light scratch & scuff removal - £25

Tar Removal - From £10

  • scuffs removed by hand or machine polisher
  • Light scratches removed by hand or machine polisher
  • The area is recleaned afterwards to remove any residue left behind
  • Tar spots can be found all over your vehicle
  • Removed by hand all around the vehicle
  • The car is recleaned to remove residue
  • Car wax is highly advisable afterwards as removing tar removes the wax also

Car Paint Protection - £25

  • visible contaminants such as tar and fallout removed
  • Hidden contaminants removed with a clay bar
  • Paint protection sealant added to the entire outside of the car
  • Car wax added for extra protection & shine