Headlight Restoration Service

£50 per pair

Inspection of the headlights

Wash and protect surrounding area

Wetsanded to remove scratches

Machine polished to clear and protect

UV Ray protection added to prevent recurrence

Why restore your headlights?

Cheaper than replacement - Replacing your headlights can cost hundreds of pounds more than simply restoring them. Why spend the £££ when you can have them professionally restored to like new condition?

Keep you and your family safe - Driving around at night with unclear headlights is dangerous to you and other road users. Don't risk it, get them restored.

MOT failure - Having 'foggy' headlights is an MOT failure. We can make sure that this doesn't happen to your car for a reasonable price. 

Your headlights look great - Aside from all the practicalities of restoring your headlights, there is also the fact that damaged ones ruin the look of your car. This, in turn affects the resale value of your vehicle. Keep your car looking its best with our headlight restoration service.