Returning A Leased Car Or Vehicle Valeting
North West - Liverpool, Manchester, Cheshire, Warrington, Wigan, Southport, Runcorn

Is your car due to go back to the dealerships after the end of a lease? you will want to prepare it, ready for inspection in order to lessen any chance of being charged for damages. We can get your car ready before the technician comes to take a look at your vehicle and tailor this particular service based on your vehicles particular needs.

Whether it is minor scratches or an unkempt interior, we specialise in deep cleaning your vehicle making it look as good as new or better than new.

We are fully aware of the fair wear and tear guides which gives information on what is acceptable and unacceptable damage when returning a car and prepare the car as required using this as a guide.

Keeping your car in good condition all through the lease is a good idea, but if you need a deep clean before handing it back then don't hesitate to contact us and receive a quote.

What We Can Do

Odour Removal

With spillages such as this, the utmost care needs to be taken. Cleaning alone won't fully remove the odours left behind since there will bacteria left behind. We use specialised formula's to kill the bacteria and therefore, kill the odour. 

Not only does this remove the odour, but it also makes your car safe to drive again. Bacteria can be harmful and even dangerous to you and your passengers so make sure that you remove every last trace.

Minor/Medium Scratches

IThe car paintwork will no doubt have a few scratches on it. While some are not a problem, too many can incur a hefty fine. We remove minor to medium scratches on the vehicles paintwork to get it back to its best.

Interior Deep Clean

Having a particularly dirty interior such as staining, odours and other problems will incur fines if you hand it back to them in such a condition. Make sure that you give the interior a good clean before the technician comes and inspects your vehicle.