Vehicle Vomit & Odour Removal Service
North West - Liverpool, Manchester, Cheshire, Warrington, Wigan, Southport, Runcorn

Our vomit cleaning and odour removal service is a specialist service offered separately to our other services. We employ specially trained cleaners to remove the spillages left behind to ensure a contaminant-free vehicle every time.

Vomit can contain very nasty viruses so safety is our number one priority. This is especially true when working in police cars, emergency transport, criminal transport etc.

We offer our services to both private customers and business corporations alike but take the level of safety the same on each job. This is a deep clean of the affected area to fully remove, decontaminate and remove odours left behind.

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3 Step Process

We use a 3 step process for our vomit removal service and have broken it down so that you can understand it yourself.


Vomit Cleanup

Vomit odour Removal

We have a look at the contamination in order to accurately remove the entire surface of the problem, getting to the core of the vomit. Without this process, we would never be able to remove the odour.
Once we have established where the vomit is exactly and how far deep it has gone into the car fabrics, we can then begin to clean the vomit. We use specialised enzyme cleaning products to break down and fully remove vomit.
Now that we have removed the vomit from yor vehicle, we can get to permanently removing any odours left behind. We use a specially designed fog it machine which sprays a substance which kills contaminants - including vomit odours...